Welcome to Drone My Home!

Have your ever wanted to survey your home’s roof for damage or for insurance purposes?

Have your ever wanted a visual record of your most valuable asset, your home?

Have you always wanted to see your home in a whole new light?

Welcome to the amazing world of dronegraphy and the services of Drone My Home.

Please review our gallery and see some our other work to date and then feel free to contact us for a free quote. We will use the most advanced techniques for making your home look it’s best.


Thank you for choosing Drone My Home for your dronegraphic needs. We are a group of passionate, service oriented individuals who love drones, technology and the artistry of the constructed element and the natural world.

In 2019 the world of drones and technology has reached new and dizzying heights. When you consider that the cell phone in your pocket can do more then most computers could in 1999, it is truly impressive.  Our primary goal at Drone My Home is showing you how beautiful and majestic the your home can be, and how great it looks from “up there”.

Your pilot today will be Frank Scali.  He has done clerking,  contracting, and even underwriting. Today, however,  he will be your licensed UAV pilot on a fantastic flight showing you the wonders of your home, neighbourhood and environment. Come fly with us and let us show you your home in a whole new light.